About Victoria


Victoria Jaczko is a freelance game designer and writer, recipient of Paizo’s RPG Superstar game design competition title in 2014. She pitched and wrote the winning adventure module, Daughters of Fury. She has since then provided Pathfinder and D&D 5E content and fiction for companies including Kobold Press, Legendary Games, Rogue Genius Games, and Zombie Sky Press. 


Victoria publishes game content and fiction on her blog, The Jaczko Folio, favoring gothic moods and supernatural hijinks with admittedly Western flavors. (It’s not her fault: She was raised on Clint Eastwood and John Wayne.)

An avid gamer in multiple forms, she has experimented with modding via the classic PC RPG Baldur’s Gate II (Dungeon-Be-Gone mod, Keto NPC), and won multiple awards for her writing during AEG’s 2009 Race for the Throne event for Legend of the Five Rings. These days, she keeps an Instagram to track her adventures in Elder Scrolls Online

Victoria games and writes in Oklahoma with her husband, Ivan Jaczko, their three children, and whatever friends they’ve abducted recently. She’s fortunate enough to have a gaming group that meets every week. They have a unicorn.